Australian Distributors of the Perfect Descent Automatic Belay

Discovery Climbing is proud to be Australian Distributors for the Perfect Descent Automatic Belay product range. As the official automatic belay for the Olympics and the International Federation of Sport Climbing, the Perfect Descents are the ultimate automatic belay. They provide the smoothest ride and best-value for money option on the market. An automatic belay ensures that safe climbing is the top priority. Our experienced and highly-qualified installation crew install and certify each belay to ensure it meets Australian Safety Standards. 

Everything your project needs to come to life

At Discovery Climbing we can supply you with all the gear and equipment needed for building and designing rock climbing and bouldering walls. From climbing ropes and hand holds, to automatic belays and anchor points.  We are partnered with Australia’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that every project is completed to the highest quality. 

Our team can provide you with all the requirements and information on:

  • Automatic Belay Systems
  • Manual Belay Stations
  • All Climbing Equipment
  • Engineering Certification 
  • Load and Anchor Testing 
  • Maintenance Schedules 
  • Hand Holds
  • Bouldering Mats
  • Safety Matting
  • Comprehensive Training and Courses