At Discovery Climbing our passion is getting kids climbing; however, we understand how overwhelming the prospect of introducing a climbing wall in your school can be. To help answer all the questions related to climbing wall safety requirements we’ve compiled a guide to help you take the first steps to understanding what staff training requirements need to be met to ensure the safety of your students. We invite you to have a read of the information below and to reach out to one of our friendly team members for a chat about how we can best support you in starting your schools climbing wall journey.

Depending on what type of wall you would like in your school, we can assist you in meeting the safety standards and recommendations to help kids try climbing in a fun and encouraging environment, whilst also allowing for the best use of your chosen climbing wall.

Manual Belay Climbing Walls:

Manual belay climbing walls currently require staff members involved to complete either the SISOCLM008 or SISOCLA311 training units, both of which are recognised Nationally. Discovery Climbing recommends that for initial budgeting purposes schools should allocate approximately $1,500 inc GST for each staff member being trained. These units can be completed as a 4-day training course, and here at Discovery Climbing we have specialist training crews who travel around Australia to conduct this training on a regular basis. If you would like to find out more about the safety requirements for a manual belay climbing wall or find out more about the comprehensive training courses that we provide, please contact one of our friendly team members who would love to help.

Automatic Belay Climbing Walls:

Currently there are no formal training requirements for a staff member to operate an automatic belay. However, why not organise a staff outing to a local climbing gym to allow staff members the opportunity to experience climbing firsthand and build an awareness of the basics of the sport. Rock Climbing can be a great team-building activity and is not just fun for children, but adults too!

You can find information on your local climbing gym here:

Bouldering and Traverse Climbing Walls:

Staff do not need to hold an official qualification to supervise the use of a bouldering or traverse climbing walls, just a proactive attitude and ability to be actively involved in supervising student participation. As with all playground equipment, supervision and active risk reduction will ensure the best use for all pupils involved.

As with all school related activities in which there is a degree of risk involved, it is also strongly recommended that all staff members hold an up to date First-aid and CPR training certification.

It is also worth noting that individual states hold their own specific policies and guidelines surrounding the regulations needed to safely facilitate climbing activities, each states detailed Climbing Wall Safety Requirements can be found below:


New South Wales:


South Australia:

Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory: