Discovery Climbing are specialist Bouldering Wall Builders. 

Our climbing panel systems are ideal for play centres, gyms, and schools. As professional Bouldering Wall Builders, we can provide a broad range of services from design advice, site inspections, project management, maintenance and engineering certification.

Indoor Bouldering Walls are easy to install and fully customisable to each buildings requirements. All builds can include custom boulder matting as a soft- fall area. The indoor bouldering walls are suitable for a variety of ages. Bouldering walls are great additions to gyms and school sporting halls, as they create a fun and dynamic activity for people to engage in.

Bouldering Wall Builders who design and build professional bouldering walls for School facilities and therapy centres.  

  • Indoor Bouldering Wall Family Climbing
  • Kid Traverse Bouldering Wall
  • Kids Therapy Centre Activities
  • A therapy centre in front of a bouldering wall.

Our durable fibreglass panels can be easily mounted onto existing walls. All routes on the wall are customisable. They can be arranged for any experience level; from a beginner climber to an advanced climber.

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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a dynamic form of rock climbing that can be done inside on a simple traverse wall. While bouldering you never climb high enough to require a rope or harness. Using a bouldering wall people can traverse (or climb) across as an exciting form of exercise. This exercise is great for improving strength, increasing flexibility and problem solving skills. Indoor Bouldering Walls can provide hours of entertainment that promotes physical activity.

Who can boulder? Do you need equipment?

The best part of bouldering is that anyone, anytime can have a go. There’s no requirement for any equipment or supervision, meaning that it can be fully functional with minimal maintenance. We have a full range of shoe and chalk packages available for participants who would like to their bouldering to the next level. 

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Bouldering Walls are perfect for all ages!